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Light Well Intervention


Island Offshore specializes in developing and implementing innovative engineered solutions for Light Well Intervention (LWI) to obtain increased oil recovery. Other subsea well operations using dynamically positioned vessels can also be performed to replace drilling rigs, and hence offer reduced costs for subsea operations.

Worldwide there are more than 6,000 subsea wells. In order to increase oil recovery from these wells there is a demand for an efficient subsea light well intervention service. This includes repair, scale removal, installation and manipulation of mechanical devices (valves, plugs, screens etc.), perforations and re-perforations, zone isolation, fluid sampling, PLT, chemical treatment, well abandonment etc. Light Well Intervention technology reduces the intervention cost to roughly 1/3, enabling more intervention work and resulting in better exploitation of subsea wells. The long term objective is to increase the oil recovery on subsea wells from an average of 45% to 55%.

Cost saving is the main driver for performing LWI operations from a monohull vessel, when compared to the same operations being performed from a drilling rig. These operations can be performed from a monohull DP-3 vessel whilst maintaining well control and access to the well bore via a subsea lubricator system, resulting in a lower cost for intervention operations.

Marketing contact: Mr. Robert Friedberg, Managing Director or Lyder von der Lippe, Deputy Managing Director, Island Offshore Subsea

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