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Island Offshore shall be an innovative supplier of services to the offshore industry. We shall create value for our customers through enthusiasm, flexibility and competence. We shall constantly challenge and improve “best practice” in everything we do!

The main objective of Island Offshore is Safe and Profitable operations in order to create values for owners, customers, employees and the society overall. We shall maintain and operate our fleet in compliance with national and international laws and regulations, especially with regards to Health, Safety and the Environment. All employees shall be highly qualified and conduct work of the highest standards and professionalism in all areas.

Our core values are an integral part of Island Offshore’s culture and shall contribute to promote the desired code of conduct at all levels of the organization. Our values tell us who we are and how to act. Island Offshore’s employees are the primary ambassadors for these core values.

-Enthusiasm: We get involved and engaged through open discussion, between employees and with customers. We are committed and passionate about what we do and strongly motivated to deliver what the customer wants.

-Entrepreneurial: We are courageous in developing and implementing new knowledge. We continuously look for opportunities to expand our business.

-Integrity: We are reliable and take responsibility for our actions and decisions and retain the highest standards of business ethics.

-Honesty: We are honest, provide clear feedback and create realistic expectations. We are devoted and reliable in what we do. We will let you know when something is unsatisfactory.

-Respect: Our relationships with the customers are based on mutual trust and respect. Mutual respect is also important to create assurance and trust among employees at the workplace.