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LNG- powered platform supply vessels for Lundin Norway

Lundin Norway choose LNG-powered vessels from Island Offshore
Lundin Norway choose LNG-powered vessels from Island Offshore

Once again Lundin Norway has chosen Island Offshore’s LNG-powered platform supply vessels (PSV) for its operations on the Norwegian continental shelf.

“Lundin Norway is a customer that makes demands on as well as challenges their suppliers, and we appreciate that. Choosing vessels fuelled on pure LNG is characteristic of Lundin Norway’s environmentally conscious attitude and demonstrate that they take responsibility in reducing harmful emissions”, says Håvard Ulstein, Managing Director of Island Offshore Management AS.

Island Offshore was a pioneer of LNG as a fuel for platform supply vessels (PSV) when ordering the two vessels; delivered in 2012. The UT 776 CDG hullform has a low resistance over a wide speed range, and the Island Offshore vessels can in practice run on gas alone at almost all speeds. In moderate weather conditions the vessels are DP2 compliant with two gas engines supplying all the power required.

Two large main lean burn gas engine gensets, type Bergen C26:33L9AG, each with an output of 2,102kWe, and two smaller C25:33L6ACD diesel engine gensets each rated at 1,843kWe were carefully selected to optimise efficiency across the operation profile of the vessels with the objective of running on LNG fuel whenever possible.

“We highly appreciate having Lundin Norway as a customer and the good cooperation concerning environmentally beneficial operation of the vessels is especially gratifying,”, says Ulstein.

“Island Offshore chose pure LNG engines for maximum reduction in emissions. Total equivalent CO2 reduction is about 25% compared with engines burning heavy fuel. These engines also reduce NOx levels by about 90% compared to diesel engines, while particulate and SOx emissions are negligible”, Ulstein continues.

A positive side effect of gas fuel is clean engine rooms and reduced engine maintenance. Engine lube oil remains clean and has a very long life, and absence of oil fuel purifiers means that there is little sludge to dispose of.

Caption: Håvard Ulstein in the engine room of Island Crusader                                 Photo credit: Kjetil Haanes

For more information, please contact:

Managing Director Håvard Ulstein

Tel. (47) 70 40 00 21