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Island Offshore orders 2 x New building vessels of UT 776 CD

Awarded a new contract
Awarded a new contract

Island Offshore has awarded a new contract to STX Europe for the construction of two Platform Supply Vessels of UT 776 CD. The vessels will be built at STX Europe in Brevik.

The vessels are based on the same design as Island Commander and Island Chieftain delivered from STX Europe earlier this year.

The vessels are scheduled for delivery in Q4 2011 and Q1 2012. The vessel will be constructed according to DNV with class CLEAN DESIGN.

Link Press release STX Brevik.

Island Offshore acquires NB 164 at Bergengroup Laksevåg

Contract with Bergengroup
Contract with Bergengroup

One of the Companies in the Island Offshore Group has signed contract with Bergengroup Laksevåg for acquisition of NB 164.

NB 164 is a design from Skipsteknisk named ST 257 L CD, and should according to plan be built as a Divingvessel to it's original owners.

A length of 122m and width of 23m makes this ship to one of the biggest in the Island Offshore fleet.

The Divingequipment of the vessel will be removed and replaced with new center moonpool (7200x7200) according to Island Offshore specification. The moonpool will be reinforced to include a 350t MHT. In addition, 2 LARS from Stromek. WROV from C-Innovation to be launched from their individual moonpool(4800x4800) inside the "garage".

Two cranes (100t and 200t) will be mounted.

The vessel is to be built and equipped for SubSea operations, module handling and other work at the seabed.

The vessel will be named Island Enforcer when delivered to Island Offshore in June 2010.

IO employees donate their Christmas gifts to the Salvation Army

This year IO employees have decided to give their Christmas gift from the company to the Salvation Army. Communication consultant in the Salvation Army, Geir Smith-Solevåg confirms that this is the biggest gift the army has got from this part of the country this year, and that they are very grateful and happy for the gift.

A presentation ceremony is planned in week 50 at the Salvation Army center "Solhøy" in Ålesund, where representatives from the IO employees will present the gift of kr. 300.000,- to the Salvation Army. Within the Salvation Army organization, it is the three " Slumstasjoner" in Ålesund, Bergen and Oslo as well as the Salvation Army’s "Barne og Familievern" in Norway which has been selected to receive the gift.

It is important that it is not only indigent people from this region that make use of this gift, since the company has employees from all parts of the country.


Island Constructor world record!
Island Constructor world record!

Island Constructor with world record within well intervention.

Island Offshore and the alliance have made a new world record within well intervention, a wire line intervention without riser at water depth 401,2 metres. The intervention took place in tough ocean current at 2,5 knot at BPs Schiehallion-field at Shetland.

This record is another milestone for the Island Offshore and the alliance consisting of FMC Technologies and Aker Well Service.

Oceaneering also plays a vital part of the successful team onboard the Island Constructor.

10.09.09 - MV Island Chieftain                                                             

Took delivery of the Island Chieftain
Took delivery of the Island Chieftain

On 10th of September 2009, Island Offshore took delivery of the Island Chieftain from STX Norway Offshore AS Brevik.

The vessel will sail direct to Tanager and commence her 1 month charter with further options serving ConocoPhillips at the Greater Ekofisk Area performing pool support.

The Island Chieftain will undertake a NOFO exercise upon delivery in Tananger and be a part of the Charterers oil recovery emergency preparedness. The vessel will after the NOFO exercise comply with the NOFO 2005/2009 requirements.

07.09.09 - MV Island Vanguard

6 months option to use Island Vanguard
6 months option to use Island Vanguard

Owners are pleased to inform that StatoilHydro have exercised a 6 months option to use the Island Vanguard.

Since the vessel was delivered to StatoilHydro May 2008, the vessel has mainly performed anchor handling duties including pre- lay of mooring lines with ROV support at deep water.

01.09.09 - MV Island Commander                                                        

On 9th of June 2009, Island Offshore took delivery of the Island Commander from STX Norway Offshore AS Brevik. The vessel sailed direct to Oslo, where the christening of the vessel took place.

The Godmother Kristine Ekeli, who represented ConocoPhillips, smashed the Champaign bottle at the vessels hull at first attempt.

After the vessel delivered to ConocoPhillips in Tanager 13th of June 09, the vessel sailed straight to Montrose and mobilized well stimulation equipment, and has since been performing well stimulation duties at the Greater Ekofisk Area.

We wish the Charterers and crew good luck with the vessel.

30.04.09 - Island Constructor used by StatoilHydro for pre-rig activity.

Island Constructor successfully has completed its pre-rig activity at the Peon field, comprising the installation of a conductor in well 35/2-2, license 318 and 319, which is planned drilled by the Transocean Winner.

Prior to this work being carried out, StatoilHydro were granted an exemption to use the Island Constructor by Petroleum Authority (Ptil) Norway.

The well is in the northern part of the North Sea, northeast of Snorre, in water depths of around 372 meters (1,220 ft). Drilling will commence at the beginning of May 2009 and is expected to last 73 days.

Island Offshore were also involved in the engineering of this project.  



For further references, please activate below link or contact the Chartering Department.




18.02.2009 - Contract award new build vessel MV Island Commander

The sistership - MV Island Challenger
The sistership - MV Island Challenger

Island Offshore is pleased to announce that MV Island Commander has been awarded a 3 years contract by a Mayor North Sea Oil Company, to perform supply duties. 

The MV Island Commander is a new build vessel of the well proven UT 776 CD design presently under construction, due for delivery summer 2009.

Island Offshore is very pleased with this contract and look forward to commence this long term Charter Party, in June 2009.

02.02.2009 - Contract Award Total E&P Limited                              

5 year contract from Total E&P Limited
5 year contract from Total E&P Limited

We are pleased to announce that the Island Express has been awarded a 5 year contract from Total E&P Limited.

The vessel commenced her contract 1st of February 2009 and will be trading out of Aberdeen together with the sister vessel Island Empress which also has a long term commitment with Total.

Island Offshore look forward to this extended cooperation with Total UK, and to build further on the already well established long term relationship.

02.02.2009 - Contract Award Stimwell Services BV.                        

IO has great expectations for the vessel
IO has great expectations for the vessel

Island Offshore has been awarded a 4 year contract with the Island Patriot by Stimwell Services BV.

The vessel will be converted to perform Well Stimulation services and will commence her charter ca 1Q 2010, the vessel will be trading out of Esbjerg, with BP Norway as end-client.

IO has great expectations for the vessel which will be delivered with increased capacity for Well Stimulation activities compared to existing vessels in operation.

02.02.2009 - Island Offshore Management AS joins the IA - agreement

Island Offshore Management AS will from 1. mars 2009 join the Inclusive Working Life Agreement, IA - agreement. 

The Agreement of Cooperation for a more Inclusive Working Life was signed by a representative from the Norwegian State`s Work and Welfare services, representatives of the employees and the crewing manager.

The IA -agreement is based on the "The Letter of Intent regarding a more inclusice working life 2006-2009" stated by the Norwegian State Government (through Arbeids- og inkluderingsdepartementet and Fornyings- og administrasjonsdepartementet) and the parties of Norwegian working life, both the employer and the employees representatives. The Letter of Intent shall contribute to:

  • achieving a more inclusive working life for the benefit of the individual employee, workplace and society at large
  • reduction of sick leave and disability pensions
  • developing and utilising the individual's resources and working capacity through active work